Dunans Woodland Garden is a wonderful place to spend an hour or two experiencing one of the most extraordinary designed landscapes in the UK.

In 1815 Thomas Telford designed and built the a-listed Dunans Bridge for the Fletchers of Dunans to celebrate the battle of Waterloo. In 1864 Dunans House was elaborated into what is now referred to as the castle by Edinburgh-based architect Andrew Kerr and is b-listed.

Associated with the castle and bridge is a designed landscape affording views to and from each building and applying the Victorian principles of the ‘sublime’ and ‘picturesque’ (Garden History Society), this landscape includes superb view of the Tallest Tree in the UK.

Dunans house lost its main roof to fire in 2001, and the ruin was purchased by the present owners in 2003.

The Dunans Heritage Project is concerned with restoring, repairing and renovating the Dunans site and making it accessible to the public. The project is run by the Dunans Charitable Trust, a Scottish Charity founded in 2007.

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  1. Dawn Thompson (fletcher descendant) says:

    Thank you for this information , I am trying to trace back my heritage and this was very helpful.


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